Anh Craft

Cinque Terre

What am I?

I'm a developer from Vietnam. I've worked on programming for four years, most of Web and Java. I prefer to make Bukkit plugins (for Minecraft servers). I also create front-end (such as this website). Currently, I am working with a new project calledHGun.

My works


Most of my projects are intended for Minecraft. I'm also an administrator of a server in Vietnam and a Minecraft builder.

  • Minecraft builder
  • Plugin creator
  • Server administration
  • File server creator

I often create website with JS and CSS or PHP if need.

  • Website creator
  • Web application creator

Why choose my product?

Bring you a unique product with many options.

All of my product are totally safe, they can be checked by VirusTotal.

Easy to access
There isn't any problem to access the API of my product. Easily and quickly.

With a great support, I promise there isn't any problem while you are using. Every support can be checked after 24-48 hours.


  1. Do you have custom Bukkit plugin creator service?
    Currently is no. But I can create a Bukkit plugin from a specific idea. That plugin'll be public and open-source.
  2. How to find your source code?
    I often publish my projects to GitHub. You can find them here.
  3. I found bugs/I had an idea. How can I contact you?
    If that is about Bukkit plugins, you can contact me via conversations on Spigot.
    You can also contact me via Contact page on this website or my Facebook.